Sensitive facial skin is typical of fair, thin, transparent skin with visible capillaries. Very prone to redness and dryness, it becomes increasingly sensitive to external and environmental aggressors. 

A range of problems are typically associated with this skin type: from itching through to burning and ultimately couperose, which require treatment with targeted professional products that soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin while protecting it from external irritants.

The same is true of intolerant skin, which is excessively reactive to various products or stimuli. 

Not only is taking proper care of sensitive and intolerant skin essential for aesthetic purposes, it also keeps it healthy. 



Specifically developed for sensitive skin types, the Emozioni Plus phytocosmetics range uses innovative strategies to treat the imperfections associated with sensitive skin: dryness, reactivity, dilated capillaries, micro-imperfections and uneven skin tone as well as subjective sensations such as ongoing or occasional itching, tingling and discomfort.