Sensitive face skin is typical of thin, transparent, light-toned skin with visible capillaries. But what causes this condition? Increasingly, studies in neurobiology highlight a connection between the mind and the skin. Signaling molecules indicate conditions of emotional stress that the skin expresses through irritability, redness, micro-inflammation, and consequently discomfort and low self-confidence.

This type of skin has a strong tendency to become dry and red, and it exhibits progressive sensitivity, which increases due to the action of external aggressions or environmental factors. Therefore, it should be treated with specific professional products that moisturize, soothe, and nourish the skin, keeping it protected from irritating external agents.

The same applies to intolerant skin, which manifests excessive reactivity to various stimuli or products, and requires a regenerating action against conditions of unevenness and discomfort.



Specifically developed for sensitive skin types, the Emozioni Plus phytocosmetics range uses innovative strategies to treat the imperfections associated with sensitive skin: dryness, reactivity, dilated capillaries, micro-imperfections and uneven skin tone as well as subjective sensations such as ongoing or occasional itching, tingling and discomfort.