Vagheggi is pleased to introduce its new, sustainable packaging: lightweight glass, refills, certified paper, ink made from renewable (plant-based) materials without the use of mineral oil or aromatic solvents, and waterbased varnish. But we didn’t stop there.

Wherever possible, we used local ingredients to reduce our environmental impact; otherwise, we worked with fair trade partners. We monitor the entire production chain to create 100% Italian cosmetics.

To deepen and learn about our commitment, made up of many good practices

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FSC mix

FSC MIX certification for correct forest management and traceability of derivative products: the paper used in this packaging is made from FSC-certified materials and recycled materials.

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Elemental Chlorine
Free Guaranteed

The cellulose was whitened using environmentally friendly processes, without the use of chlorine-based products, guaranteeing a maximum level of derived organic chlorine compounds that does not exceed 0.2 kg/ Ton.

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Inks and varnish

- Our inks are made from renewable (plant-based) materials, without mineral oil or aromatic solvents. We also screen for heavy metals and their compounds.

- Water-based varnish.

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Long life

Complies with the requirements ISO 9706, the standard which qualifies "permanent" paper and guarantees its integrity over time.

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Acid free

Made using production processes conducted in a non-acidic environment during the sizing phases.

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Heavy Metal Absence

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Jars and Refills

The jars are made from “lightweight” glass that is easily recyclable and has a low environmental impact.

- Dedicated refills for the Premium lines to allow the jars to be re-used

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Material savings

Printed illustrations and plastic palettes are no longer used.

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Our Summer Paradise range was developed as a result of research into the best environmental profile; an innovative sun protection system consisting of three chemical sunscreens that are up to 75% biodegradable. We have always believed that respect for the environment should guide our choices.

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For tube production, we have chosen Braskem, a renewable bio-based material. The use of sugar cane-derived polyethylene during the production cycle means that atmospheric CO2 emissions are reduced. The suncare display unit has been designed to eliminate polystyrene and give priority to recyclable corrugated cardboard. We have also opted to exclude the box and package leaflet reduce environmental impact and waste.

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Antioxidant and anti-ageing properties

Vagheggi has always formulated its suncare products with the same diligence it places in professional cosmetic products: the main objective is to provide protection against UV rays, however the product is also a true cosmetic treatment that hydrates, prevents and combats premature skin aging. The formulas deliver immediate long-term protection and hydrate the skin. They also combat oxidation and the effects of photoageing, thanks to:

Vitamin E, tocopherol acetate: powerful antioxidant properties neutralize the free radicals that form during sun exposure, damaging the cells;

Panthenol, provitamin b5: hydrating, antioxidant and protective properties;

Sodium hyaluronate: deeply hydrates and fills fine lines;

Beta-glucan: a polysaccharide that stimulates fibroblast proliferation and is involved in the healing process; it therefore has excellent regenerating and anti-wrinkle properties. Beta-glucan protects against oxidative damage caused by UV radiation.

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Fair Trade Active Ingredients

Vagheggi pursues careful fair trade policies when selecting its raw materials. It does this by relying on suppliers that comply with domestic and international laws that safeguard employment in the local communities and keep traditional harvesting and processing alive.

Murumuru butter: Murumuru butter is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid (omega-9) and linoleic acid (omega-6), which protect, repair and elasticize the skin.

Buriti oil: Buriti oil, rich in carotenoids and provitamin A, has antioxidant and regenerating properties.

Shea butter: Shea butter has firming and anti-wrinkle properties.

Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil is rich in waxy esters that nourish the skin.

Commiphora mukul: its resin has slimming properties.

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"I love coral" logo

There is still a long way to go in terms of finding a balance between man and the environment. The aim is to develop formulas with environmental compatibility and human safety in mind. In compliance with the Hawaii Reef Bill, Vagheggi has developed a holistic and sustainable suncare range, selecting plant-based ingredients and developing formulas that respect nature and optimize skin protection while guaranteeing a safe, radiant tan. All our suncare products carry the "Amo i coralli" ("I love coral") logo to communicate the company's sustainable vision in response to rising ethical awareness.

"I love    coral"

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ISO 22716 certification

Certification that ensures compliance with the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for cosmetic products, as required by EC Regulation 1223/2009 of the European Parliament). The ISO 22716 standard is the first international document that establishes guidelines for the application of Good Manufacturing Practices by cosmetic manufacturers and is the harmonized standard for application of the provisions of Article 8 of Regulation 1223/2009; it applies to the production, control, storage and shipping processes for cosmetic products.

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Vegan certification

Vegan ICEA certification guarantees compliance with the principles of vegan living. Stringent, constant and continuous controls not only attest to the non-animal origin of the raw materials, but also exclude any trace of animal ingredients from the raw material procurement process. This certification provides consumers with a high-level guarantee and puts companies in the position of having to face a very stringent certification process; although it has proved very challenging, it has allowed us to take another important step towards redeveloping our company and establishing a culture of conscious and sustainable consumption.

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Organic Certification (BIO+ Range)

Cosmos Organic sets the standards for organic cosmetics and is recognized both in Europe and beyond. The Cosmos standard establishes how all new organic cosmetic products are to be formulated and harmonized. The ultimate aim of the new COSMOS-standard is to address the key issues in order to protect the environment and safeguard the wellbeing of man on the planet. As a joint and impartial standard-setter, it aims to guarantee the transition between current and future technological progress and the development of increasingly natural and organic cosmetic products. This certification aims to be a precise and reliable reference point for consumers who must be clearly and transparently informed so that they too may play a part in sustainable development when making purchases.

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FSC certification

FSC certification is a voluntary certification. We take pride in using boxes that comply with this certification and based our decision to do so on the assumption that the best intentions go hand in hand with tangible action. It should be noted that, in order to achieve ever higher quality standards, FSC standards are subject to periodic review. This goes to underline the commitment and interest on the part of companies, like Vagheggi, that choose to adhere to this certification. The FSC logo displayed on the products is known as an FSC label. These labels can only be used by certified companies on certified packaging, and guarantee that the packaging of the product you are buying is made with paper from responsible sources.

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I'm Green certification

The tubes we use in our Bio range are made of plant-based PE. This bioplastic is produced by fermenting the sugar of non-GMO Brazilian-grown sugar cane from low-water crops. The entire production cycle is then closely monitored to evaluate the overall environmental and social impact. This bioplastic significantly reduces CO2 emissions and does not contain components of fossil origin. In addition, 80% of the energy used to produce the bioplastic is obtained from renewable sources.

Bio Certification


When a company that has always embraced Phytocosmetics decides to venture into the Organic field, it must do so in a manner that is completely open, transparent and responsible. Our Bio+ range has been developed with these key words in mind and this has allowed us to follow our dream, without compromise.

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Our formulas

The Bio+ range is certified and guaranteed by Cosmos Organic, which sets the standards for organic cosmetics both in Europe and beyond. This certification is awarded when the entire supply chain is compliant with the following standards: respect for biodiversity, sustainability, responsible use of natural resources and respect for human health and the environment.

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Our certifications

Our organic cosmetics are also vegan certified, which guarantees compliance with the principles of vegan living; stringent controls that not only attest to the non-animal origin of the raw materials, but also exclude any trace of animal ingredients from the raw material procurement process.

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product certificate
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Our packaging

Our boxes are made of Shiro alga ecological, biodegradable paper, which is recycled using an innovative process. Manufactured using algal bloom harvested from the Venice lagoon, this paper is also FSC-certified. We partly took this approach due to the forward-looking, innovative product and partly to pay homage to Venice: a city that is symbolic of beauty and is just one example of the many wonders that Italy is known for the world over. Plus, no varnish or glue points are used in the manufacture of our boxes, the leaflet has been eliminated and the pack itself has been transformed into an entirely writable surface that provides all the necessary information.

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Plant-based plastic

Our jars and droppers are made of 'ultra-light', low environmental impact glass that is easy to recycle. Our tubes are made of bioplastic plant-based PE, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions and carry the "I'm green" logo. This type of plastic is made from non-GMO sugar cane cultivated in Brazil. Our Beauty Tin was created so that you can purchase an organic product in packaging that can be repurposed as a jewelry box, button box or trinket box, with the utmost respect for the environment.


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Organic Vegan Genuine