Dry, dehydrated skin may be caused by genetic predisposition. However internal and external factors such as UV rays, a dry, windy climate, solvents, aggressive chemical detergents and hormones often play a part in skin dehydration, making it appear dull and rough. 

The water content of the skin relates directly to the absence or presence of structural proteins, such as collagen, and of complex molecules, such as hyaluronic acid. The balance of the hydrolipidic film must be maintained at all times as it is responsible for protecting the skin and keeping the stratum corneum hydrated.

This is why choosing a professional cosmetic treatment with nourishing, hydrating and illuminating properties is so important for dry, dehydrated skin: it helps the skin retain water and leaves it looking smooth and toned. 



The Rehydra phytocosmetics range has been specifically formulated to hydrate the skin. It "quenches" tissue from the outside in and restores the stratum corneum barrier function, while regulating natural trans-epidermal water loss. The main aim of the range is to help the skin naturally retain water, which is often lost as a result of sub-optimal environmental conditions such as cold, low humidity or dehydrating chemical agents.



The Equilibrium phytocosmetics range is a complete cosmetic range for the face, hands and body. It contains plant extracts and essential oils and balances, nourishes and normalizes the skin.