Dry and dehydrated skin can be caused by a genetic predisposition. However, internal hormonal factors and external factors - such as UV rays, dry and windy weather, pollution, aggressive cleansers - often play a significant role in skin dehydration, making it appear dull and rough.

The skin's water content is directly related to the absence or presence of structural proteins, like collagen, and complex molecules, such as hyaluronic acid. The balance of the skin's hydrolipidic film must be maintained at all times, as it is responsible for protecting the skin and maintaining hydration in the stratum corneum.

This is why choosing a professional cosmetic treatment with nourishing, hydrating, and restructuring properties is important for dry and dehydrated skin. The goal is to help the skin retain water, promoting long-lasting hydration, which keeps it smooth and firm.



Rehydra is Vagheggi's iconic phytocosmetic hydrating line, formulated for deep hydration of normal to dry skin types. It's a true personalized professional treatment that caters to the specific needs of different skin types, taking into account all the mechanisms that regulate hydration. The multifunctional and eco-sustainable active ingredient used, extracted from the Cutateco plant, is capable of stimulating the endogenous mechanisms of skin cells, promoting the skin's ability to autonomously integrate hydration in the hours that follow. An innovative line for skin that remains perfectly hydrated, nourished, and radiant for an extended period.



The Equilibrium phytocosmetics range is a complete cosmetic range for the face, hands and body. It contains plant extracts and essential oils and balances, nourishes and normalizes the skin.