Make UP

Our make-up ranges are exclusively formulated with powerful raw materials and latest generation processes so as to deliver maximum performance and the most innovative textures.


The shape of the face, whether it be long, triangular or square, is determined by the somatic features that help define our unique traits. Make-up is used to emphasize and enhance this uniqueness while minimizing any imperfections. Illuminate dark areas, create points of light with sun-kissed or draping effects, mattify, blend, minimize or emphasize facial features; create a perfect balance that redefines facial proportions. Primer, concealer, foundation, powder, blush and bronzer: a range of textures and colors specifically formulated for each skin type and to deliver targeted results.


In the collective imagination, the mouth is definitely one of the most attractive parts of a woman's face. 
Lips can be redrawn, softened and plumped to erase small imperfections or asymmetries. They can be enhanced with deep reds and shocking pinks, or softened with nude shades to express exactly how you feel every day. Pencils, concealers, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms... a dedicated lip beauty and wellbeing range.


When well made up, the eyes take center stage. Primers, pencils, eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara work in harmony to: round, elongate and lift the eyes through perfect shading; adjust color intensity; to combine them with wisdom, to illuminate the eyelids and emphasize the eyebrows, so that the eyes can express their full personality. The eyes are the mirror of the soul and our make-up range features the perfect mix of shades, textures and products to i intensity, light, character, seduction, because the eyes are the mirror of the soul.


The accessories range will simplify, improve and perfect you make-up routine. Professional accessories guarantee best results and flawless make-up that lasts all day.  Our Phyto make-up brushes are made of innovative, high-performance synthetic bristles.