Dull and colourless skin is often caused by the harmful effect of free radicals, highly reactive molecules that alter skin structures and cause them to no longer function as they oxidise them. These free radicals cause skin to look asphyxiated, dull and tired, and may be of external (due to the environment, smog, smoking, UV rays) or internal origin (mostly due to a poor diet, stress,
inflammatory processes, metabolic waste like toxins).

Therefore, it is essential to take care of grey and lifeless skin by using Vitamin C-based products that thanks to their antioxidant,
revitalising and brightening properties protect and repair the skin’s cell structures.
This contributes to the formation of new collagen, which is essential to prevent ageing.

A true anti-pollution treatment to target free radicals and smog on a daily basis and protect skin from the collateral effects of UV rays. 
Used as part of a skincare routine before and after sun exposure, Vitamin C cosmetics help develop a perfect, longer-lasting and radiant tan. 
To ensure cosmetics with Vitamin C work, the latter must come in a stabilised form, considering its extreme instability in air.



The Lime vitamin C phytocosmetics range protects skin from the harmful effects of free radicals (and energizes skin exposed to the various types of stress that ultimately cause premature aging and dull-looking skin. A complete range with targeted formulas and a variety of textures and sensorial touches.