Men's facial skin tends to be thicker, tighter and firmer than women's. The large number of sebaceous glands also make it softer and more supple, albeit more prone to imperfections. 

At first glance it may appear stronger and more resilient however men's skin is often affected by problems caused by excess sebum, which alters its pH, by rapid water loss, which leaves it dehydrated, and by shaving, which damages the hydrolipidic film. 

Men's skin is therefore sensitive and dry and requires professional cosmetic treatments that that are specifically formulated to meet its needs. Soothing and hydrating products that instantly relieve and refresh the skin are a must.



The Atypical phytocosmetics range has been specifically developed for skin exposed to urban pollution, which accelerates skin aging by up to 20% due to collagen loss. It is also especially effective in skin exposed to blue light pollution associated with a hyper-connected lifestyle, which creates oxidative stress.