Water retention causes excess fluid to build up in the tissues and is the first sign of cellulite. The fat cells then start to group together and cellulite lumps with no blood supply begin to form. The reduced oxygen supply to the tissue results in both fluid and toxin build-up. 

On the surface, the skin takes on a typical orange peel appearance. Skin appears dull, with loss of elasticity, congestion and changes in capillary permeability. Although not always the case, cellulite often occurs in conjunction with fat deposits. 

You can achieve visible, lasting results by taking immediate action in the initial stages of cellulite by investing in a professional beauty treatment with draining and sculpting active ingredients that specifically target cellulite.



The Sinecell phytocosmetics range has been developed in response to new research that identifies stress as a trigger for cellulite and as a disruptive element in the reduction and prevention of fat deposits.