Phytocosmetics and Research


The very core of our company

Research And development as a given

At Vagheggi we have an in-house team of top-level professionals and we work with international experts and “noses” and with Italian university research centres.
Thanks to the strength of our in-house research and new-gen technologies, our face and body cosmetics express a talent “Made in Italy” that has taken us into more than 60 countries worldwide.

A global vision

The vital relationship between nature and the body

Vagheggi’s philosophy is that solutions for our physical and mental wellbeing must be looked for in nature, based on that ‘genetic’ harmony that has always, apparently imperceptibly, determined the vital rapport between the world of nature and the delicate equilibrium of the body. A timeless relationship that leads to the creation of naturally effective cosmetics. 
All our company choices follow this vision and are the coherent expression of continual respect for man and the environment, based on sustainability, care and professionalism. Our choice to work in the world of cosmetics while respecting natural equilibriums demands an approach that focuses on excellent quality performance and avoids the use of extensive chemical manipulation, refuting any idea of standardisation.

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An alchemy of nature and beauty

Natural cosmetis

At Vagheggi, we decided to be ‘green oriented’ way back in 1975, when this was still not trendy. We use more than 300 natural ingredients, extracts, essential oils, molecules of flowers, plants, roots, algae and minerals. Our approach of respect for man and our environment is not limited to the choice of natural active ingredients, it also governs our selection of the other product components such as preservatives, excipients, fragrances - all chosen for their level of safety, performance and skin tolerability.
With intuition, coherence and determination, we anticipated something that many years later would become a trend, drawing on nature to create cosmetics with visible, long-lasting results.

Natural evolution

Technology helping nature

For measurable results on specific unsightly problems, the global action of the whole plant extract is combined with that of the active molecules purified from plants and used for their focused functional effect.
Purification of the plant’s most significant, functional active ingredient is effective because it has a specific controllable action for the dose/effect ratio.
Just a few examples: horse chestnut gives escin that protects capillaries, coffee gives caffeine with its anti-edema and slimming effect, brewer’s yeast yields regenerating beta-glucan, from the Resurrection Plant we get healing ximenynic acid and from Liquorice anti-inflammatory 18-B glycyrrhetinic acid or glabridine extracted from another part of the same botanical species, which regulates melanin in the skin.
This is the Vagheggi plant world: selected plants, checked and always enhanced to their maximum potential, with the aid of technology. Even the emollients, emulsifiers and carriers are of plant origin, for functional cosmetics that work while respecting the skin's physiology, stimulating the normal metabolic processes.
The technical specifications of the products are controlled at every stage of the production flow to guarantee constancy and reproducibility. The functional efficacy of the individual active ingredients and/or products is tested and the work protocols for professional use in beauty salons are validated for each line of cosmetics.