Vagheggi technologies and our face and body treatment protocols work in synergy to boost results: specifically developed to boost and enhance the action of cosmetics, the phytotech method relies on cutting-edge professional beauty Technologies. The result? A unique, winning synergy that sets Vagheggi Wellness Centers apart from the rest.

All of our beauty Technologiesools are made in Italy.y are personalized and user friendly, and always guarantees the utmost safety.

Continuous training and ongoing support is provided for all our technologies. More specifically, we provide the following solutions:

DIAGNOSIS: VGH Face Skin Analyser

FACE: VGH Face Plus and VGH Face Lab

BODY: VGH RF & Infrared, VGH Pressotherapy, VGH Total Body, VGH Liposinergy, VGH Body Sculpt

EPILATION: VGH Laser 808-3, VGH Laser 808-10, VGH Laser 808 HD Matrix, VGH Laser 808 HD Matrix Plus

Discover all the technologies:

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