Primissima is a range of chemical peel treatments with firming and regenerating properties that exfoliates the surface of the skin. The range evens out discoloration, smoothes wrinkles, renews, smoothes and firms the skin while boosting radiance — all in complete safety. The innovative aspect of the Primissima treatment is the "CFWS" revolutionary exfoliating system, which is enhanced by a special active ingredient extracted from Passiflora edulis in Peru. The active ingredient helps regenerate the surface of the skin and restructures the dermis with a firming and sculpting effect. The active ingredient is extracted using an eco-friendly process as part of a production chain that is 100% sustainable.

“CFWS”: in this system, the acid and humectant molecules are meticulously selected in specific percentages to work in synergy. Selecting the molecules is just the first step, the real alchemy is how they are combined and the system used to apply them to the stratum corneum.

Malic Acid - AHA Apple Acid: an acid found in fruit and vegetables. It plays a key role in producing cell energy.

Gluconolactone: a polyhydroxy acid that provides lasting hydration. A powerful antioxidant, it restores the skin barrier and provides protection against the side effects of glycolic acid. It does not make skin photosensitive.

Glycolic acid: An AHA acid extracted from sugar cane, beet and unripe grapes, glycolic acid fills the spaces between the lamellae and penetrates the layers of the epidermis. It also interacts with the dermis, improving the circulation and delivery of nutrients, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastic fibers.

Lactic acid: AHA has powerful hydrating properties. It is found naturally in the human body and in food.

Citric acid: An AHA acid found in citrus fruits, with astringent, exfoliating and regenerating properties.

Vitamin A – Retinol: This is a fat-soluble vitamin which is found in nature. Its antioxidant properties fight free radicals, reducing the signs of skin aging and wrinkles, and stimulate natural cell renewal.

Mandelic acid: An AHA derived from bitter almond extract. It is an effective exfoliant, does not make skin photosensitive, and can be used by individuals with very fair skin. It is mainly used for skin imperfections caused by acne, photoaging and hyperpigmentation.

Pyrrolidone carboxylic acid: an amino acid derivative and excellent humectant as it promotes active hydration thanks to its ability to bind and attract water from the environment and trap it on the surface of the skin. It is naturally found in skin as a component of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF).

Passiflora edulis: a perennial herbaceous plant which is especially rich in vitamin C. A special active ingredient is obtained from its seeds. It is an unsaponifiable concentrate, the most active fraction of oils, rich in precious lipids, vitamins and polyphenols, and is extracted from the oil using a patented molecular distillation process. This active, winner of the In-cosmetics® Best Ingredient GOLD Award, stimulates the skin markers molecules involved in sculpting and repairing the skin.

Colloidal oatmeal: an herbaceous plant from which a cereal with excellent soothing properties is obtained.

Alpha-bisabolol: Alpha-bisabolol is distilled from chamomile essential oil. It has soothing, anti-inflammatory and softening properties. It is also used to treat skin pigmentation disorders.

Aloe: a fleshy plant with many properties: it contains mucopolysaccharides which help stimulate the body's defenses, glucomannans with healing and re-epithelizing properties, and vitamins and minerals which ensure good oxygen supply to the tissues and improved circulation.

Tests on the active ingredient derived from Passiflora edulis
In vitro tests on reconstructed skin show that:
1. it effectively stimulates and repairs the skin on three levels:
- epidermal keratinocytes increase by 32%
- dermal fibroblasts increase by 72% and migrate by +27% towards the area in need of repair
- collagen in the dermo-epidermal junction increases by 183%
2. it restructures the dermis, with a firming and sculpting effect. Marker molecules saw the following increase:
Collagen +87% 
Lumicain +44% 
Fibromodulin +108%

Professional facial treatment
Clinical test*
Anti-wrinkle effectiveness: average reduction -13.2%; max. -18.4%
Anti-dark spot/uneven pigmentation effectiveness: average reduction -4.9%; max -8.6%
Average reduction in sebum -31.4%.

100% of participants reported a radiant complexion
100% saw a visible reduction in facial imperfections (dilated follicles,
shiny skin)
100% reported smoother skin and reduced signs of aging.
100% saw an improvement in dark spots

*instrumental clinical tests carried out on the complete treatment and on self-care products
**self-assessment test carried out on the complete treatment and on self-care products


 10 treatments 

50 ml


70 pads



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