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null VGH LASER 808


The following models are available: VGH LASER 808-3, VGH LASER 808-10, VGH LASER HD MATRIX, VGH LASER HD MATRIX PLS.

A range of latest-generation progressive permanent epilation technologies that ensures definitive results over time. VGH Laser 808 is used in the central step of the "triple Idrox - Laser - Lenix treatment" and guarantees up to 100%* reduction in unwanted hair, while the complete treatment delivers smooth, soft, younger-looking skin.
The technology is also used in the Epil Check up step, which involves thorough analysis during which the Laser Specialist examines the person's characteristics before creating a personalized and effective epilation program.

*The results achieved by the epilation program depend on subjective characteristics such as phototype, size and pigmentation of body hair, hormonal factors affecting the person being treated and the frequency and duration of the program over time.

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