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Professionalism for us is the transparency of a company that opens its doors to share with its partners a philosophy of research, production, continual development: a business project tangible because it is real, unique and full of appeal.

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Vagheggi is a continually evolving company that has always remained loyal to its vision of beauty and its mission to produce phytocosmetics. Thanks to almost forty years’ experience, this intuition today enables us to meet a widespread, better-informed demand for authentic naturalness and real wellbeing that respects the environment we live in. When selecting its raw materials, Vagheggi follows careful fair-trade and sustainable development policies, using suppliers that comply with local and international laws to protect and develop the environment and which interact with the local community, providing jobs and maintaining the traditional harvesting and processing techniques.

Valeria Cavalcante

In 2011 we confirmed our all-Italian production choice with inauguration of luge new headquarters in Nanto in the province of Vicenza. Not a simple decision at such a delicate moment in time for this sector, but we intend to continually confirm our identity with products studied and made in Italy.
It is no coincidence therefore that Vagheggi has helped to write the history of professional Italian cosmetics, standing out since its origins thanks to green choices and a phytocosmetic soul.
Our decisions are reaping benefits on all sides, including the economic aspect: in 2011 we posted a turnover of around 9 million, with constant growth even during financially difficult years.

Vittorio Cavalcante

Vittorio cavalcante
Franca gualtiero

Vagheggi is an entrepreneurial project lowed, supported md grown over the years with great commitment and devotion. Today we are proud to be choice of around 2000 beauty centers in Italy, with a significant presence also on foreign markets in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America, Australia and Africa.
Vagheggi’s results around the world encourage us every day to follow a path focused on beauty and training of the operators who represent us on all levels.

Franca Gualtiero
Marketing Manager

Vagheggi was one of the first ltalian businesses to apply the tradition of natural cosmetics to the most advanced laboratory and analysis technologies, devising ‘unique’ products. Starting with scrupulous selection of ingredients that are chosen according to geographic origin, concentration of active ingredients, seasonality and harvesting methods. This carefully controlled process of study, selection and processing means Vagheggi makes unique ‘bespoke’ cosmetics, each element meticulously studied and chosen to become part of a particular product for a certain need, based on synergy of its active ingredients. In other words, a choice of qualitative excellence that refuses standardisation.

Matilde Gatta
Techniacal and R&D Director

Angelo zordan

Vagheggi’s vision has been clear and coherent right from the beginning. This has led to the decision to follow a courageous path that still today sees totally in-house production: storage of the ingredients, production of semi-finished products, packaging of the finished products.

Our production cycle, with careful quality controls from receipt of raw materials to finished products, guarantees the highest safety levels for our cosmetics.

Angelo Zordon
Production coordinator

Vagheggi stands out for its top-lewd training. seeing it as a fundamental tool for the work and professional growth of beauticians and their institutes, spas and beauty fame.
This is why Vagheggi courses are held all year round, offering different levels ranging from Academy to Master.

Since 2012 a new concept of training provides beauticians with the fundamental tools for personalised management of their businesses: the birth of Vagheggi Master Business.

Training Team

Team formazione